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"20/20 Brain Power"    
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What the Experts are saying...
"20/20 is essential reading for anyone that wants to understand more about their brains' performance and learn how to enhance it."

L Cass Terry, M.D., PhD.,
Pharm.D., MBA,
Professor & Former Chair of
Neurology, Medical College
of Wisconsin, WI

"The promising potential of...brain speed is invitingly augured in this very clearly and entertainingly written book by Joshua Reynolds, a pioneer in the modern technology of brain speed science."

Arthur R. Jensen,
Ph.D. Professor Emeritus
Unversity of California, Berkely

"20/20 Brain Power brilliantly reveals how our speeded up world is slowing us down - mentally and physically. The beauty is that 20/20 offers a quick and practical way to upgrade our powers of concentration, memory and mental acuity"

Dr. Marcus Laux,
Adj.Faculty, Bastyr Univ.,
Editor, Naturally Well Today,
Co-author, Natural Woman,
Natural Menopause

  Here's what's inside:
Mental Quickness, Memory and Focus enhancement via online brainspeed tests and exercises that work fast.
Foods & Supplements for long-lasting brain health and brain power.
Neuro-Stress Release:
Rapid stress release and relief techniques help protect the brain against the debilatating effects of stress, sleep loss and anxiety.

20 Days to a Quicker, Calmer, Sharper Mind!

20/20BrainPower (20/20) presents the discovery of brain speed, i.e., how fast your mind processes information, as a key determinant in brain health, performance and longevity. Speed correlates with IQ, memory, alertness, attention, decision-making and reasoning.

In fact, brain speed has been found to be a better predictor of longevity than age or state of health.

The good news is 20/20 shows you how to improve your brain health and processing speed.


What's More....

20/20 presents data showing up to a 50% decline in speed related to memory (recall), attention (focus, concentration) and executive (thinking) processes in the average person by age 55.

20/20 reveals what science has learned about environmental, lifestyle, medical and behavioral factors that directly impact speed, as well as brain health and fitness. Of all the “stressors” that slow down the brain, none impact it more heavily than stress, particularly Techno-Stress. 20/20 proposes that the key to overcoming the stress information overload is to “upgrade your brain speed to the speed of change”. 20/20 shows you how.

20/20 reveals how the brain actually works like a computer with a CPU (executive center), RAM (working memory), and a hard drive memory (long term memory). 20/20 shows you how to upgrade and integrate these components.


20/20 outlines a step-by-step, 20 day program to achieve 20/20 brainpower based on satisfying your brain’s 3 vital daily needs – neuro-nutrition, neuro-stimulation and neuro-relaxation. The book features a stress reducing, rapid relaxation technique called Alpha Brain Break, scientifically validated brain speed exercise games and foods and supplements for brain health, performance and longevity.



Read 20/20 Brain Power today!
If you could eat tasty foods and scrumptious meals that helped you stay sharp, focused and energized throughout the day… would you?
If you could take one safe and natural daily supplement that could improve cognitive function, reduce the daily bouts of brain fog and help you jumpstart your day with laser like focus… would you try the supplement?

If you could season your meals with a safe and natural tasty and flavor enhancing spice that helps reverse memory loss and protect your brain... would you give it a try?

If you could play a fun and exciting game that stimulated your brain cells to be healthier, sharper and live longer… would you play?
If you could snack on some delicious berries, seeds and nuts that kept your energy level up, your weight down and your mind on all day… would you?
If you could ramp up your mental performance powers in just 20 days… would you give it a try?
These and other great brain saving and sharpening secrets await you between the covers of Joshua Reynolds’s medically acclaimed book – 20/20 Brain Power.

This fun and easy reading “better brain book” will inform and inspire you with the latest in brain health and science and recent breakthroughs fast and natural ways to improve your memory and focus, mental clarity – throughout the day.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.