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Helping you take care of your most important asset...Your Brain!

Brain Research Labs, LLC (BRL) is dedicated to developing “clinically tested” science based products and services that serve the three primary needs of your brain:

  • Neuro-Nutrition - foods and supplements that enhance the brain’s performance and protection
  • Neuro-Stimulation - mental activity and exercises that keep the brain young, fit and sharp
  • Neuro-Relaxation - tools and techniques that keep the brain calm, unstressed and healthy
What Is 20/20 Brain Power?

Mental acuity is like visual acuity, it fades with age. With the aid of modern corrective technology, both can be restored to 20/20 acuity. In fact, science has recently learned that mental acuity and clarity, even memory, concentration, and thinking can be dramatically improved and maintained well into old age.

BRL’s team of scientists has developed a unique holistic program that incorporates the latest discoveries and clinical findings in brain nutrition, brain exercise and brain stress relief.

The 20/20 Brain Power book reveals an integrated brain health and fitness program that’s fun, effective and with long lasting results.

To learn more about your brain’s three vital daily essential needs CLICK HERE >

To help you achieve optimal brain health and longevity and cognitive performance BRL has developed a unique line of products:

  1. Brain specific, science based dietary supplements, Procera AVH, Ceraplex and TriOmega DHA.
  2. 20/20 Brain Power book which follows the Mayo Clinic guidelines for preventing cognitive decline and features practical tips and techniques for properly feeding, exercising and relaxing your brain.
  3. Brain food Recipe Book offering delicious, brain boosting, energizing and protecting snacks, foods and recipes.

Brain Power Decline With Age

Recent studies have revealed that by the age of 40, on average, we may have already lost well over 30% of our brain power, and by age 50-55 up to 50%… that's half your memory, focus, and mental quickness gone! Unless, of course, you commit to turning it around by looking after your brain’s 3 vital daily needs.

Studies show that the more you stimulate your brain, the healthier it gets and the better it will perform. BRL's award winning Brain Exercise Games have been used by thousands to strengthen and protect their brain.

Who Developed the BRL Line of Products?

Dr. Heller and Joshua Reynolds (below) created Brain Research Labs and developed its unique line of products and services after years of research developing and testing cognitive supplements, and brain tests and exercises used at medical schools and clinics around the country. They are considered pioneers in conducting clinical trials on cognitive enhancing supplements, and experts in formulating advanced, state-of-the-art brain supplements, five of which have been validated via independent clinical studies. They are co-authors of the medically acclaimed book, 20/20 Brain Power which incorporates the latest in brain science and research, and provides breakthrough practical programs for restoring the brainpower that age, stress, and lifestyle excesses have depleted. The book also provides natural and effective tools and resources to help everyone gain and maintain brain health and fitness, at virtually any age or stage of life.

About The Developers

Click For Full BioJoshua Reynolds is a pioneer in the study and science of the brain and cognitive performance. His expertise includes brain nutrition, brain exercise and stress management. His brain power - mental speed tests and technologies have been used in clinics and doctors’ offices around the country, and at top medical schools like Stanford University and Scripps Research Institute. He has personally conducted clinical trials with several thousand people on close to a dozen cognitive enhancers - supplements to help improve memory, focus and mental clarity. He has formulated several unique, clinically tested, cognitive enhancing products including Procera AVH.

Mr. Reynolds has created several innovative, patented products that are considered the gold standard in modern cognitive testing and training technology.

Click For Full Bio

Robert Heller, MD is a board certified Internist and an Emeritus Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA Medical Center. He has practiced medicine for over 30 years. Dr. Heller has worked as Medical Director for several top cognitive companies, and also as a national medical correspondent - including Anchorman for the Cable Health network World Report.

Dr. Heller is a pioneer in many areas of the healthcare industry and is considered an expert in brain health and fitness.


Professionally Developed, Medically Acclaimed

Joshua Reynolds and Dr. Heller, along with a team of neurologists, neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists from medical schools, such as, Harvard, UC Irvine and Berkeley have created and endorsed the 20/20 Brain Power Program:

"Very few, if any, regardless of their degrees or experience, understand the brain and cognitive function better than Joshua Reynolds. 20/20 Brain Power is essential reading for anyone that wants to understand more about their brain’s performance and learn how to enhance it.”

L Cass Terry, M.D., Ph.D.,Pharm.D ., Former Chair and Professor of Neurology,
Medical College of Wisconsin, WI

“Joshua Reynolds has pioneered the development of the next generation of cognitive measurement - brain speed -a quantum leap beyond most neuro-psych tests. He has also uniquely turned these tests into brain exercises. It’s true for the bosy , but “use it or lose it” may be even more important for saving your brain.”

Vernon Mark, M.D., FACS, Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School (Ret.); Director Emeritus Neurosurgery, Boston City Hospital; author Brainpower and Reversing Memory Loss

“The promising potential of the recent scientific revival of brain speed is invitingly augured in this very clearly and entertainingly written book by Joshua Reynolds, a pioneer in the modern technology of brain speed science. His exposition of the importance of mental speed in everyday life provides an engaging introduction for lay persons and indicates further avenues for exploration by present-day researchers.”

Arthur R. Jensen, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley

20/20 Brain Power - 20 Days To A Quicker, Calmer, Sharper Mind

Now you too can take advantage of this great, scientifically developed program. Treat your brain to delicious energy boosting and brain-saving foods, recipes and snacks. Discover the 7 brain foods your brain canít live, let alone perform without. Learn about three herbal and spice seasonings available in most grocery stores that not only turn a good meal into a gourmet treat, but they also help protect your brain.

Or, learn a quick stress management technique that can help discharge brain stress and recharge your brain in just 5-10 minutes.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.