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Procera AVH is a clinically tested cognitive and mood enhancer with Double Evidence of Efficacy.

Multiple studies have shown that Procera AVH and its natural ingredients can help improve memory, focus and concentration, mental quickness, clarity and mood .

Procera AVH works best when combined with the neuroprotective, detoxification effects of Ceraplex and the brain cell health enhancing effects of Omega-3 DHA.


$29.95 + s/h (Brain Health Replenishment Program*)
$49.95 + s/h (one time ship)

Ceraplex is a powerful natural brain detoxifier with broad spectrum anti-oxidant and neuroprotective properties.

Ceraplex can protect your brain from both accumulated toxins and the ongoing ravages of free radicals, lifestyle excesses and aging.

Ceraplex works synergistically with the brain power performance enhancing effects of Procera AVH and the brain cell health enhancing effects of Omega-3 DHA.




$19.95 + s/h (Brain Health Replenishment Program*)
$29.95 + s/h (one time ship)

Omega-3 DHA contains premium amounts of the essential fatty acid DHA, that's most important for the health and longevity of your brain cells.

Omega-3 DHA also includes the other essential fatty acid, EPA. Together these wonderful Omega-3s help support brain, cardiovascular, immune system, joint health and longevity.

Omega-3 DHA is high purity and molecularly distilled so it is 100% free of contaminants. It works best combined with the synergistic effects of Ceraplex and Procera AVH.



$29.95 + s/h (Brain Health Replenishment Program*)
$49.95 + s/h (one time ship)

How is the quality of your sleep at night?

How would how you like to get better, sounder sleep and wake up more refreshed and relaxed everyday?

Well now you can! Brain Research Labs has developed a new natural sleep and relaxation aid called GABArest. Lack of quality sleep has serious negative effects on how you function mentally the next day, your stress levels, and your brain’s overall health. GABArest is designed to help you get the deeper, sounder sleep you need so you can wake up every day feeling sharp, refreshed and relaxed.

Simply take GABArest about an hour before bed, and that’s it.

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